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We provide qualified, educated, and professional law enforcement, security services protection, and investigation services that meet the needs of our clients as “Your Total Security Solution!”. OEIS Agents and Experts will respond to any request within a moment’s notice to provide immediate protection, security patrol, and investigation needs. Our obligation towards our clients is to promote safety and security for you 24/7 with Minimizing costs.


Security Guards

We provide Professional Private investigators and VIP Security Services for Corporations and Public Figures and anyone who requires security. As a leading Private Investigation corporation and Security Agency, We are recognized as a proven leader capable of offering the highest quality investigative and security guard services. 

These professional services help our clients determine the legitimacy of suspected claims that at times tend to be present within the corporate spectrum.

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The OEIS team is made up of the leading private investigators and security who are extremely qualified and carry with them an abundance of expertise. Our cadre of investigators is exclusively comprised of experts from numerous fields. The core makeup includes former Police and Corporate Investigators.

Each member of our seasoned team brings with them a unique skill set as well as a specialization in both criminal and civil investigations. All members of our team have undergone enhanced training to go beyond the basics.


OEIS provides Private Investigator Training Online, Security Guard Training, and many more. Our courses have helped hundreds gain or advance their employment. Our custom courses are always sold at a discount because we are constantly hiring and need skilled workers to keep up with our contracts.

Approved entity by the Ministry Of Community Safety And Correctional Services. We offer professional, informative, quality security training, Not to mention our outstanding customer service.



OEIS Security Professionals

Your home is your sanctuary and your peaceful haven; It is a place where fond memories are made and relaxing evenings are spent after a busy day, Make sure it is always protected! OEIS specializes in security, protection, and investigation services in several areas in Canada and in the United states. We are always there for you as your safety is our #1 priority.

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