Where does OEIS provide security services?

OEIS Security provides security guard & patrol services throughout Canada wide and outside of Canadian Jurisdictions.


How many locations does OEIS have?


OEIS has locations in Montreal, Quebec - Niagara Region – Mississauga - Scarborough and Downtown Toronto, where our Headquarters is situated.

Why is OEIS a preferred choice?


As an established security company in Canada, OEIS is proud to provide custom designed security strategies and services for our clients. Our detailed process ensures you get the unique protection that your property needs.

If we need security services immediately, can OEIS dispatch them quickly enough?


Yes. At OEIS, the management/Agent dispatch teams operate around the clock with highly trained security guards & patrol units on standby.

What is the benefit of a Security Agent?


Security Agents deter and prevent crimes before they happen as well as respond swiftly in case of emergencies.

What can we expect from OEIS and their Security Agents?

OEIS takes pride in providing quality security services to individuals and business all over Canada and outside of Canada. At OEIS, Agents are highly trained and are top of their classes in completing the Ontario guard card licensing process. Agents at OEIS, are trained to be on time, alert, courteous, well groomed, and thoroughly instructed on their post duties by their field supervisors.

What type of pre-employment screening does OEIS use?


At OEIS, we use the following pre-employment screening processes: provincial registration and certification, personal reference check, criminal court history, civil court history, motor vehicle report, and random drug testing.


How do you know our Agents who are on site working, will not sleep?

OEIS provides a free System. With that technology, Agents have checkpoints around a location and scan every 25 minutes during their foot patrols. At OEIS, there are also field supervisors who do random patrol checks.

What is uniquely different about your Agency that separates you from the rest?


Our Agency is the first and only Agency to highlight and utilize advanced technologies currently incorporated in today’s police and military forces. Police and military forces have advanced exponentially, yet the security industry has remained static for decades. Our security agency is the only firm that moves forward with technology to better serve our clients and to keep our men and women safer than ever. Others claim to keep up with technology and revolutionize how security is conducted only to equip their Agents with a pen and flashlight. Our Agents on the other hand will clearly demonstrate the innovations we have to offer to better our tactics and serve our customer smarter, faster, more efficient, and most of all, safer than ever. Some of the technologies we incorporate are infrared, photoelectric, and RF sensor technology.


How do you ensure accurate reports and good conduct from your security guards?


OEIS is one of the fewest security Agent Agency that utilize electronic report writing using company issued computers. Every company issued computer, can be remotely viewed by our management. We can instantly view every security Agent’s report in real time, critique their reports, and even engage in video conferencing with our security Agent to ensure that they are in compliance with company and client protocols. Video telephony is used to perform “virtual spot checks.” Their attire, reports, and site-specific matters can easily be addressed immediately by two-way video telephony. We also equip all of our security Agents with a guard scanner tool, which records the security Agent’s patrol route by scanning various checkpoints set by our technicians throughout your property. The time, date, and location will be recorded. This ensures that a consistent patrol of your property can be verified. Customer satisfaction is high on our priority list, always ensuring that everyone is satisfied and happy with our services. Last but certainly not least, we utilize GPS to verify a security Agent’s exact location for locations that are remote and require a security Agent to sign in, sign out, and check in periodically.



What are your security Agents trained in?

Our security Agents are trained in the following fields:

  • The Trespass to Property Act.

  • The Criminal Code of Canada.

  • The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct.

  • Basic security patrol procedures.

  • Health and safety.

  • WHMIS (workplace hazardous materials information system).

  • Crisis intervention / volatile situation diffusing tactics.

  • Sensitivity.

  • MLEO (Metro Law Enforcement Officer) contracted by your municipality.

  • Handcuffing.

  • Proper baton use.

  • Self-defense & takedown techniques.

  • The Tenant Protection Act.

  • Emergency response preparation (police, fire, ambulance).

  • The Canadian Legal System.

  • Legal authorities.

  • Effective communication.

  • Use of force.

  • Emergency first aid level C.

  • Automatic external defibrillation.

  • Comprehensive report writing.

  • High-risk security assignments.

  • Excellency in customer care.



What do you do to ensure all of your security Agents is up to date on training?

OEIS has a comprehensive training matrix for all of its personnel. AGENTS are given courses every three months to ensure that their skills and expertise are up to date. Tests are rendered and stored in respective files for reference. Memorandums are issued to each security Agent once a new development is implemented. Strict protocols are issued to each security Agent in the event of a fire, natural disaster, bomb threat, or terrorist threat to prevent and/or minimize property damage and civilian injuries.


We also provide our security Agents refresher courses for first aid, CPR, and AED defibrillator use. This training is free of charge for our employees.


Does OEIS provide written instructions to their security Agents that explain what we expect of them?

Yes. When you meet with or talk with one of our security consultants, they will direct you to the best form of security. When they do so they will create post orders, then the field supervisors will go to that post and train the Agent. The field supervisors job, then, is to make sure these orders are met every shift by the Agents.

Who are field supervisors and what do they do?

Field supervisors at OEIS have gone through vigorous training and are required to have a military or police background will fill out a Security Officer Evaluation form, which assesses a variety of details including, but not limited to: Security Officer appearance and proper attire, daily reports/incident reports, post orders, awareness and overall demeanour.

Will OEIS respect our privacy while they protect our property?
Entirely. All OEIS personnel and staff are dedicated to respecting your property and privacy without compromising our duties. We provide ethics training throughout our company and adhere to all your business guidelines and regulations.

Are your prices competitive?

OEIS has had the reputation of beating their competitors’ prices while raising the standard of security. OEIS has consultants who will create customized strategic assessments to direct all clients to the best form of security for their specific needs.

What if my company’s size or revenues do not warrant the employment of a full-time security person?
We can provide any request under a short or long-term contractual arrangement. Please contact us for a free consultation and discuss your options with a security consultant.


Is your security Agent locally oriented?

Yes. We make sure the security Agent assigned to your account is from your area or familiar with the area and trained to be prepared for your specific job. Our satellite offices in addition to our corporate headquarters assure that we screen, recruit and train our security Agents to fit your specific security needs.

OEIS has been a security and Loss prevention industry leader for over a decade. Our security solutions provide maximum protection of your interests whether they are in private security, facility security, event security, security systems or one of many other security services we offer. We pride ourselves in customer service and in providing great value.

Our management system is structured to assure that our field operations establish a safe and responsive environment for our clients. Our security Agent training keeps our security guards at the top of their game, both is service and in technology. Our vision is to provide security services that deliver peace of mind.

With over 15 years of Experience - We have the skills and resources to take on any  case. 

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