History of Private Investigator

Today, it's difficult to be surprised by the services of a private search engine - dozens of experienced specialists are ready to take up the work to provide their clients with comprehensive information on the person or subject of interest to them. However, only a few people know that this type of business first appeared about 200 years ago. Its founders were the famous Frenchman Eugène François Vidoc (1775-1857), elements of a complicated biography immortalized in works of literature and cinema, and Alan Nathaniel Pinkerton (1819-1884) from the USA. Thanks to their efforts, the private detective was no longer the sole prerogative of the police and became an independent form of commerce, allowing for a livelihood for anyone with a keen mind, intuition and good memory.

The first private detective agencies appeared in the U.S., along with an increasing role of the police in the protection of law and order. At a time when centralized police stations did not yet exist, and crime was making itself felt, depriving civilians of peace, it was the services of private investigators to quickly identify the offender and bring him to justice, as well as - to find a missing person or stolen property.

Eugène François Vidoc, one of the best representatives of the private investigator profession, had many adventures as a young man. Prisons, haggles, galleys from which only a few returned alive - all these measures of reasoning, on the one hand, hardened his character, and on the other, allowed him to find his true calling. Transferring to the police, at the invitation of one of the highest ranks, Vidok did a lot to enhance the prestige of the police in the eyes of the public. However, the dark past, colored with a tinge of criminality, did not allow a brilliant specialist to make a career in law enforcement. Fired, in need of money, but unwilling to return to the criminal environment, Vidok founded the world's first "Bureau of Investigation for Trade," which guarantees protection from scammers who want to live off decent citizens who have their own businesses. Knowing the psychology of criminals from the inside and having a brilliant track record, the new detective quickly gained the trust of the public, which brought him a high salary and many regular customers who have a sincere sense of gratitude to his defender.

In the US, the first detective agency was opened in 1850 in Chicago. At his wheel became a former cooper, Scottish Alan Nathaniel Pinkerton. In the list of services of the new agency was catching train robbers and safecrackers with jewelry, whose crimes were reported in almost every issue of the fresh press at the time. The new type of activity was in great demand, and already in 1892 there were 15 agencies in the U.S., while in 1929 their number exceeded a thousand mark, not counting the departments and branches of major companies. Nowadays, more than 3500 agencies in the country offer services of private equal opportunities, 713 of them operate in New York. But experts point out that this figure is only approximate - not all detectives work on a legal basis, wanting to avoid difficulties with state registration and refusing to replenish the budget part of their income collected in the form of taxes.

The high demand for private investigators has led to the emergence of detective services in almost all developed countries of the world. Thus, residents of Canada can use the services of more than 200 companies and hundreds of private detectives. However, it could be complicated to find a professional one. OEIS Investigations & Security provides best service in Canada.


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