Private Investigator: Job Description

Who is a private investigator? A man who earns his living as a private detective or extremely in need of thrills, but full of all senses, a romantic? Why did he choose this path: to help people, or to realize a dream from childhood, when with rapture was read Agatha Christie?

The harsh reality in Canada is that the work of a private detective is chosen mainly by those who need to earn good money.

But, alas, we live by stereotypes, so when mentioned, our imagination draws us an ideal hero. A detective is always presented in the image of a stately attractive middle-aged man, who has no drawbacks. He is polite, courteous, gallant, intelligent, able to support the conversation and charm. His wardrobe has at least three elegant hats with wide margins, a couple of coats on the floor from well-known brands and necessarily sunglasses droplets. Men envy him, women like him, elderly people, trust him, and children are eager to imitate everything.

Despite the fact that this is just a fantasy, the work of a private detective can not go unnoticed. And even if he slightly fails to reach the film ideal, he does a tremendous job, in particular, helps people restore justice.

What are the main tasks get the average Canadian Hercule Poirot?

1. Discovery of the fact of adultery. The specialist conducts a number of activities aimed at confirming or denying the infidelity of one of the spouses. The detective provides the client with an objective report in the form of photographs, videos, which confirm or deny the adultery of one of the spouses.

2. Outdoor observation. The main purpose of this service is surveillance of the object at the request of the client: recording his movements on the trip, in a restaurant, during vacation. As a result, the client receives a full report on key events.

3. Observation of teenage children. Surveillance is carried out completely unnoticeable, so the natural behavior of the child is preserved. The detective records the main events during the day, observes people with whom the child communicates, reveals negative habits. Also in the process of observation, the detective reveals the presence of a girl (boyfriend) at a teenager.

4. Video and photo shootings. This is relevant when it is necessary to provide indisputable visual evidence.

5. Inpatient observation. In this case, a private detective will monitor an object that is not moving, not moving. This may include warehouses, gatehouses, apartment buildings.

6. Counter-surveillance. This service is provided to a client who suspects that he has been followed by a third party. If they are tapping phones, confidential conversations, watching in the house, office, on the street, a private detective will certainly reveal this fact.

In addition, a private detective can collect information about the person of interest to the client, to search for missing people, to check the integrity of future business partners. In short, there is virtually no such task, which is not under the power of the specialists of the detective agency. You can be absolutely confident not only in confidentiality, but also in the objectivity of the results.

Making a conclusion from all the above, we note that a private detective is an interesting, complex, responsible and sometimes dangerous work. That is why people in this industry deserve respect and high pay for their work.


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