Security Services

COVID-19 Screening 

At such a difficult time, to maintain the safety of their employees and business. OEIS offers a new COVID-19 screening service. Our specialists will visit your location and diagnose your office for COVID-19 symptoms. 

Mobile Patrol 

OEIS Mobile Patrol is much more than a drive-by service. Our Mobile Patrol Agents, physically check doors, windows, surroundings and the interior and exterior of the property. This service is tailored to suit your specific needs including pets and plant care. Arrangements can be made to maintain your pool, snow removal, etc. OEIS Mobile patrols are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to watch over your property or business while you are away from home or on vacation. Regular random visits during the day and night in clearly marked and radio-equipped vehicles are a proven deterrent to thieves due to the random timing of visits. OEIS Patrols can adapt to your personal requirements, i.e.; you can choose to have the service at certain times of the day, week or year. Once this service has been initially set up, all you need to do is contact our office when you plan to be away from the home and we will arrange for mobile patrols.


Uniformed Guards 

Our uniformed security Agents are outfitted with a unique-type uniforms. Our corporate general orders, require that our personnel keep their uniforms pressed and clean at all times. Their shoes are polished; military-style and men are clean-shaven with neat haircuts. Our female officers are held to the same standard. We pride ourselves on the appearance of our personnel, as they are representing our agency in your facilities.


High Profile Protection

​The ever growing threat of kidnapping and ransom demands, emphasize the need to have the correct level of protection for our clients, their families and their businesses too. We provide highly sophisticated protection programs including GPRS tracking devices and surveillance support to reduce the risks. Our protection teams are very discreet in their duties maintaining our covert assignments. Our counter surveillance measures are also key to early intervention.​ We have highly trained specialist protection teams, who offer the highest level of expertise. Dedicated Agents are handpicked after completing rigorous training including firearms, armed protection & hostile environments. Many are ex-police and ex-military that are committed to civilian protection duties.


Events Public & Private 

All event Agents and security firms, are now required by law to employ licensed security officers in place. At OEIS, we attach a team of security experts utilizing intelligent tools to immediately re-mediate security threats. ​Events are usually crowded by high numbers of visitors, guests and support personnel. Criminals and terrorists may attempt to enter your event and cause irreparable damage to attendees. OEIS is trained to identify such individuals and threats and alert police and fire departments, thus preventing crime and violence.


We will come to your location to assess your security needs and provide you with a tailored security solution that will meet all security and safety requirements and keep your event secure and harmless.


Loss Prevention 

Corporate investigations, or business investigations, look into irregularities within a company that may or may not be illegal, but do affect business performance, reputation or liability. They are also tasked with uncovering facts in disputes between companies, persons and government authorities. OEIS investigates fraud, theft, embezzlement, intellectual property disputes, data security breaches, and compliance issues. OEIS also provides information pertinent to mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, HR processes and many other business decisions. Our clients have used our expertise for over 15 years, both in conjunction with and instead of local police authorities for reasons of discretion, and to add expert investigation techniques and resources to their pursuit of important information. Our breadth of experience, combined with a highly secure infrastructure enables us to operate at the highest level on a vast range of investigations.


Parking Security 

Parking facilities, whether surface lots, parking garages or temporary parking areas for construction activities or events, are ideal targets for criminal activity due to their concentration of high-valued assets and transient activity. The elevated rate of incoming and outgoing traffic creates additional complexities for securing the safety of customers, employees, visitors and property. OEIS will work with you to create a scalable parking security program that will help you to protect life and assets. Remember risk mitigation and effective revenue collection, improves your company's return on investment. 


Condo Security 

A condo is a home of its own, with a particular reception and safety needs for residents and visitors. Your residents desire a quiet, safe, and hassle-free living environment with round the clock security. OEIS can go beyond the traditional security post and reception desk to provide a full-service, security program that utilizes state of the art technology combined with remote guarding and mobile guarding, that will meet your budget.


Construction Site 

Theft and vandalism have become an increasing problem in the construction industry; adding unnecessary delays and cost to your project. OEIS will apply Excellency in protecting your assets, sites, equipment, materials, tools and trailers from the time you break ground until your project is completed. Whether you have one site or multiple sites in different geographic areas, you can now have a single point of contact for all your security needs. Your dedicated OEIS Security Coordinator will handle everything.

Recent studies show that heavy equipment losses in the industry run to well over one billion dollars each year, with only about a quarter of the stolen goods ever recovered. In addition, it does not stop there, with copper theft continuing to be at epidemic proportions even when prices fluctuate, and construction sites always a tempting target for vandals.


No matter how big or small your construction project is, OEIS has the construction site security solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. OEIS will take the worry off your shoulders with a single call.


With over 15 years of Experience - We have the skills and resources to take on any  case. 

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