OEIS Security Guard Training

Our custom course is designed to teach you everything you need to pass the Ministry test and obtain your security guard license.

Get Ministry Certified

We have developed our own custom security guard training course in Ontario. It's Ministry certified and has helped hundreds of people attain their security license, join the rankings and start their exciting new career in security.

Our Custom Course

Our custom course is equipped with everything you need to pass the Ministry exam; it includes writing security reports, marking evidence, and dealing with real world situations.  

A Career in Security 

Take the first step into the field of security, by purchasing our security guard training course for a low price of $59.99 CAD. How can we offer such a low price? Simple, we developed the course ourselves so when you buy directly from us you don't pay any extra charges. 

"Very detailed and up to date with material. I learned a lot. Staff responded fast when I needed help, and so worth the price. Good deal!"

- Micheal K

Get your license today for only $59.99

You must be above the age of 18 to become a security officer. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal 

WE ARE HIRING! Once you've completed our Online Security Guard Training course, you will get a chance to start work with OEIS immediately. 

OEIS Security Guard Training

We have a success rate of 99.9% of students who passed their Ministry's test from their first try.

That itself, is a victory!

Need a New Career?

Looking for a change in your life, or something more than a new job? As an experienced, licensed security Agent, you can earn a good living and be a valued member of any team. 

Get Qualified for a variety of  different jobs

You may find yourself protecting a company’s property against theft, performing searches, making arrests, work undercover in department stores, leading an organization’s fire brigade, rendering first-aid or being a hotel detective. The possibilities are endless.

Room for Advancement 

One of the best parts about becoming a security Agent,  is the opportunity of advancement. Completing additional courses such as handcuff training or close protection will put you in a higher pay bracket. 

Costs & Steps

1- Online Training Payment $59.99 plus HST

2- Complete the course

3- Take our Test

4- Take our First Aid Training course for $70 

5- Issuance of completion number

6- Book for your Ministry Test $66.50 plus HST

7- Take the Provincial Test. Passing mark: 66%

7- Apply for your licence: $80 plus HST

In-Class Training $299.99

Learn more: +1 (877) 296-1112

With over 15 years of Experience - We have the skills and resources to take on any  case. 

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