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A person who takes this training is prepared to be licensed as a Security Guard. You can take our online Security Guard course and obtain a Security Guard License, or you can attend the OEIS forty-hour live program and become a Security Professional.

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Security training INSTRUCTOR

Our Instructor is a former Detective of the Toronto Police Service and has investigated everything from Fraud to Homicides both Nationally and Internationally.

He has instructed thousands of guards over the past thirty years.

Graduates from OEIS other programs have gone on to become Police Officers, and even a Director of Security for a City. ( which will remained unmentioned due to privacy )

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$179+hst for three day in-class training that will prepare you for the ministry test
+ $60 for CPR training and certificate

We offer instructor provisioning and mentoring so your highly trained, mission ready personnel can be operationally available instead of being assigned to temporary training duties. This results in more efficient training delivery while freeing up military personnel for operations.


CAD 229 + HST
  • Special Promotion


In this course you will participate in Scenario training including a mock court proceeding and to help develop your presentation.


Additionally, OEIS is well-versed in providing a variety of training courses designed to assist defense forces in getting maximum performance from their training enterprise. 

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of training and support services which you can learn more about in this below section, including in-service support and sustainment logistics; instructor provisioning to help security guards and military personnel so they can focus on operational requirements; turnkey training centre solutions; obsolescence management to reduce system downtime and ensure system optimization; and consulting services such as training needs analysis.

We offer a comprehensive range of training and support services delivered by experts, many of whom are ex-military with first-hand knowledge and expertise specific to military training and operations.

Completing this course will help you:

Why oeis?

OEIS recruits training experts, often retired military personnel, to deliver training in-house or at our customer’s site. Our instructors have all the requisite skills and knowledge to deliver hihly effective training programs that maximizes learner’s retention. Our instructors deliver across the range of training disciplines, from ab-initio to advanced training in the classroom, simulator or live platform.

Learning Path

  • Examples of Offences
  • Licensing Requirements of Security Professionals
  • TIPS
  • Quiz
  • Observation
  • Section Overview
  • Duties of a Security Body
  • Quiz
  • Notebooks
  • Statements
  • Reports Evidence
  • Collision Reports
  • TIPS
  • Evidence
  • Types of Evidence
  • Preparing for Court
  • Quiz
  • Section Overview
  • Personal Safety
  • Safety and your duties
  • Emergency response
  • Health and Nutrition
  • TIPS
  • Hazard Chart
  • OHSA
  • Quiz
  • What is a bomb?
  • Bomb threat
  • Security against Bomb Incidents
  • Responding to Bomb Threats
  • Decision Time
  • Evacuation
  • Summary
  • Bomb Incident Plan
  • Quiz
  • Canadian Criminal Court System
  • Evidence Techniques
  • Care and Control of Evidence
  • Criminal Law
  • Provincial Law
  • Municipal Law
  • Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Quiz
  • Handling PIPEDA
  • Criminal Code of Canada
  • Arrests
  • Common Criminal Offences
  • Additional Legislation
  • Tort Law
  • Summary
  • Quiz
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Challenges to communicating
  • Communicating with Uncooperative Individuals
  • Conducting an Interview
  • Conclusion
  • Quiz
  • Multiculturalism in Canada
  • Multicultural Interaction
  • Biases
  • Public with special needs
  • Interacting Individuals
  • Types of Mental Illnesses
  • QUIZ
  • Reasonable Force
  • Force Continuum
  • The use of Force
  • Ontario’s vehicle of force model
  • Starting a shift
  • Ending a shift
  • Working with a partner
  • Use of force response
  • Questions to remember
  • Quiz

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